All type of overweight surgery

In our country, Mexico, we stay in the second position for Obesity in Adult Patients and first in Childhood Obesity at an international level.

Dr. Ricardo Salinas, with more than 30 years of experience in all kind of overweight, from patients with simple obesity to patients with super super obesity above 250 kg or much more. This last type of patients have on occasions severe disability, they are dependant on their families, affected by countless illnesses and with a really poor quality of life, as well as in impending life threatening risk.

Prior to surgery the patient, in particular situation, is sent to different medical specialties such as cardiology, pneumology, psychology, etc… to have a very thorough preop check up in order to minimize the risks and carry out the surgical procedure with excellent results of achievement, improving the quality of life and health and being able to care for themselves, getting their self-esteem back and becoming productive members in the community, or creating their own family if they did not have one, avoiding in all the risks of diseases that threatened their lives.

In addition, all kind of overweight is treated, morbid obesity, correction of diseases and simple obesity (surgery for simple obesity) and even avoiding the genetic family burden of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others so they do not appear in the future.